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We’ve put together a list of  question that you may want to ask us when we chat. Hopefully this aids you  in your planning of you next project with Build X.

Build X has been in teh contracting and renovation business for more than 30 years, so we have extensive experience to draw from , when taking on any project.

Build X does not charge for quotes, you will be provided one free of charge. We do however work within a designated area for providing our services, that is with and around the greater Durban Metropolitan area. Should you fall outside this area, a callout fee may be required.

Every Job is different and we do our utmost to complete jobs within a given time. When quoting you on your project, just specify any time constraints that you may have and we will endeavor to meet them accordingly, or provide a suitable estimate towards meeting your projected time of completion.

As mentioned above, we treat many aspects  per job thats undertakens, so it will depend on our assessment. What is compulsory will be a deposit htat will be required, before work is to commence.

We’re a bit old school at  Build X and prefer telephonic communication  [ aside from one on one meetings of course!] but  alternatives to this are Whatsapp and E-Mail.

Our working hours are 07h00 to 17h00


You should consider the ffg:

  • Do I need to remove any items that are in or near work areas?
  • What will the noise level be like?
  • Do you need me to be home at any point during the day?
  • Which restrooms, if any, are available for use
  • Where available power outlets are located
  • Who, if anyone, will be home during construction (including pets)

At Build X we take pride in our work  and cleanliness is also important, so ye we do clean up at the end of a day.

Before the project commences, you will be introduced to the supervisor/s. If for any reason, a change in personnel occurs, you will be notified in advance.

Yes you may, we would be glad to provide any references you require.


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Build X is an established building and renovations contractor, providing services for residential and commercial projects in the Durban Metropolitan and surrounding areas.

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