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Renovate, RE-design, Maintain or Extend Walls. Build X Does It All.

Security is essential in the lifestyle we live. Form, Function and Aesthetics are required to achieve a balance with the overall look of your property and its boundaries.

With the change in climate we are experiencing, damage to your property from heavy rains are now common occurrences. A smart option to consider are retaining blocks to add to the visual appeal of an area while protecting yourself from the elements.

While your property requires constant monitoring, so to does your building. foundations and walls can also be affected over time and cracks form. Build X are seasoned professionals in assessing and implementing underpinning of walls, and foundations.

Build X Covers You On The Following Fencing Solutions:

retaining walls

Retaining Walls

Wooden Fencing

Brick Walls



Build X is an established building and renovations contractor, providing services for residential and commercial projects in the Durban Metropolitan and surrounding areas.

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